The prison setting carries profound implications not merely about the plight of literal prisoners, but people in a society disciplined by constant surveillance and a more internalized form of power. "Some things in life they just don’t want to see", he sings. Yet in the video, Jackson makes sure some of these disturbing realities are revealed. It wasn’t as fun to watch as "Beat It", but it certainly reinforced the song’s powerful expression of outrage at injustice. -Man in the Music on THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US: PRISON VERSION

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Let me just do a quick summary of this moment 

First, look at the girl’s eyes and smile. She’s in complete awe that her idol is standing before her about to give her the sweetest hug she has ever received. Her gleaming eyes and her lovely little lip bit are so genuine; she’s completely amazed.

Then Michael comes in for the hug and she wraps her arms around him and clenches her fists; she never wants to let go. Michael follows by moving both hands around her back and yet still manages to sing into the microphone. The sweetest part about this is that Michael is smiling; not sure from embarrassment or of the adorable hug the fan gives him.

They both love it, you can see it in both of their faces and body language. The best part is, the hug becomes the longest hug of the tour and neither of them let go right away. And as a final goodbye, Michael grabs her hand tenderly and ‘bows’ in front of her ♥

I cannot get over this, she actually got to caress his back… she got to hold on tight to his waist and run her hands over MICHAEL’S. BACK. While he’s smiling and singing and holding her close, I just.. asjfhajhsgf

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